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Central Heating

Are you looking to install a brand new central heating system? Or need someone to repair your old system? We at WaterWorks have the solution to all Central Heating issues. 

We are the best at what we do. Not only do we have an impeccable reputation, but we also offer our services at very reasonable and affordable prices. We provide the highest quality services even at concise notice if you require urgent repairs.


If you are looking for options, unsure if you want a new Central heating system or the old one can be repaired and reused, don’t worry! Rest assured, we will always give you advice keeping your best interest in mind. We will also ensure that you can manage your energy bills with the new system and ensure that it maximizes efficiency. 


While repairing your faulty central heating, we ensure you don’t go without heating for long, and your home remains heated for your comfort. We only use quality components to achieve optimum levels of performance. 

What can we do for you?

We repair

Cold Radiators

Lack of hot water

Faulty valves and pumps

Leaking pipes

If you are looking for reliable and proficient plumbing services, please call us now on: 

+44 7553 454 495

24/7* hour service subject to availability