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Malfunctioning boiler, no hot water or heating? There is nothing worse than a boiler that is malfunctioning, especially when you are least expecting it. For this reason, we at WaterWorks are always there to help once you have contacted us, we will ensure your boiler is back up and running. We always ensure in case of any Boiler emergency; we are there for you. With years of experience, there is nothing we can not fix.


Some of the boiler repair jobs we are typically called out to fix:


  1. New Boiler Installation
  2. Boiler servicing
  3. Installation of a new appliance
  4. Repair issues related to water not heating correctly or no hot water.
  5. Repair faulty Burners, pumps, or valves
  6. Repair water leakage
  7. Checking Error codes in a display panel
  8. Fixing Broken thermostat controls
  9. Looking into Boiler kettling (banging/whistling noises)
  10. Fixing issues related to Boiler ignition 
  11. Repairing faulty heating

With vast knowledge in dealing with boilers’ different types and brands, we will always know what to do and the issues you are facing with your boiler and fix it quickly. 


Fixing your boiler on the same day will always be our priority. However, if for some reason we can not repair your boiler in a single visit, we will still ensure you have hot water and heating in your house to keep you warm, employing some temporary solution.



We are available 24/7 and 7 days of the week, so you know we are always there, and you can rely on us in case anything goes wrong with your boiler. All work carried out by our boiler repair service is fully insured.

If you are looking for reliable and proficient plumbing services, please call us now on: 

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